Which are the best US states to visit in January?

I’ll be in the US next January, and wanted to know what cities/states/etc. are the nicest to visit around that time.


California, Florida, Arizona, New Mexico and Hawaii are all great options if you’re looking to avoid snow and cold

Colorado, Alaska, and Montana are gonna be your best bets if you desire to witness true majestic beauty in a winter paradise. Being a colorado native myself, I assure you whether you seek the night life of denver, or the elevated adventures of the rocky mountains, you won’t regret coming here. Though the capital city is a mile above sea level (and this is one of the lower altitude levels as far as cities are concerned) the weather is always changing. Some days in winter, you get summer weather. Other days in summer, you could get a winter flurry. Last few winters have been mild. However, if you venture up into the Rockies, You can expect weather to be colder and the weather more unforgiving. But if a beautiful winter camping trip to como is your idea of a good time, then I’d suggest camping at kenosha pass. Located just and hour away from denver and 30 minutes on either direction of the free way you take. Your sure to find a serene and tranquil place to connect with your spirit and find peace. Remember to dress according to the weather. Because of the changing weather in colorado. Its smart to dress in layers. Make sure you bring waterproof shelter be it tent, trailer, or a reservation at one of the many fabulous hotels we have here. Also… marijuana is legal here for recreation if that is your cup of tea. Good luck on your search. There are many fine places in the United states to vacation. I’m sure you’ll find one to your liking.