What are the cultural difference between UK and Philippines?

Hello, does anyone have any input on the cultural difference between UK and Philippines? Thanks!

As someone who has been born and raised in the UK with Filipino parents, I have a bit of an insight as to what the cultural differences are between the UK and the Philippines.
I feel like the Philippines has more of a focus around the importance of family life compared to the UK. I’ve travelled back home several times and I’ve noticed how my relatives are always friendly with the neighbours and tend to throw house parties with huge buffets. Currently around 10 people live in our house including my grandad and that goes to show how they depend on each other and refuse to abandon their family.
Another cultural difference from my observation is the respect for elders. In the UK we don’t tend to use honourifics and the whole “respect for the elderly” isn’t as quite of a big thing here than it is in the Philippines. There is also this thing called “mano po” which is a greeting where you take an older person’s hand to your head in order for them to bless you. I remember experiencing a massive culture shock on the first day of primary school seeing the other kids disrespect the teachers at school while my parents taught me otherwise.
Filipino culture also upholds the importance of traditional values due to the emphasis of religion (Christianity is the main religion of the Philippines).

Does anyone have insight on the cultural differences? Thank you in advance!