Moving to Massachusetts from it cheaper in MA than NY?

I’m considering moving from NYC to Massachusetts or GA…any suggestions?

I lived on Long Island for my entire life and retire to the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts when I was 68 years old in 2017. I’ve been living here since and wouldn’t trade it for Long Island for anything. I do miss certain things about the NY Metro area, but we live about 3 hours out of NYC as well as 3 hours from Boston. Reachable distances although more than a day trip. In the Berkshires we have a goodly amount of arts and entertainment, decent restaurants although no where near as many or as varied as NYC. You can do a cost comparison by zip code, but I found that using my Long Island zip code vs my Massachusetts one showed a 17% cost differential with the Berkshires being cheaper. I’d imagine the difference between a NYC zip code and a Berkshire zip code would be substantially greater. In fact I did a quick check and it shows a 47% differential! Obviously if wages are to be considered they would be less, but probably no where near 47% less.

Good luck