Is New Caledonia worth it?

It’s really far from being a possibility for me just yet, save for my EU citizenship, which seems to really help, but New Caledonia looks like such an intriguing place to live.
On the one hand it seems like a gun-enthusiast paradise, considering the gun-ownership rate, it’s isolated (a plus in my view), some of the most breathtaking landscapes you can see in any given island in the world, great climate, unique flora and fauna unlike any else in the world, and low population density.

On the other hand… there is a looming sense that the place is a ticking time bomb where society is only going to crumble due to two fundamentally different ways of viewing life and politics, for some reason I trully can’t understand they import all their food, instead of embracing local produce, making cost of living ludicrously high and there seems to be very little work outside of the Nickel industry.

So… is New Caledonia a good place to live in? do the pros outweight the cons?