Immigration to Norway

What are the key differences in government between the US and Norway?

Could I survive as a single mom on a bus driver’s wage?

How much is a house on say… at least an acre?

The average pay for a bus driver in Norway is about 54 000 dollars a year, a bit lover if you don’t have experience. You will get about 100 dollars a month for each kid a month in governmental child support, plus some single parent support.

Taxes will be high (abt 37 percent) , however everything from health services to schools, even universities are free. And dentists (for people under 18)

If a single mum can survive on this – In Oslo: No – in other places, yes, possibly. Many single parent families do.

Rentals will be about 1200 dollar a month with two bedrooms, and abt 120 for each additional bedroom. Outside of Oslo. In Oslo abt. 25 – 30 per cent more. Average family food budget is abt 950 dollars a month.

If you buy a house, the interest will be tax deductible.

Bus drivers are in high demand, by the way. :slight_smile: