Cheapest retirement state outside of Florida

Florida is at the top of list for me to retire what states would you suggest

Florida has become insanely expensive in all areas except for the SOS homesteaders tax law. I am looking at SC, so far the area I bought land is about 22k less per year (not including mortgage or rent). From Insurance to utilities to gas and food. Hands down cheaper.

Also, it is very crowded and no longer a friendly place to be. Many alcoholics, nothing to do but drink, shop and play golf. I’ve lived in FL my entire adult life and retired young. It’s getting hotter, cant grow veggies anymore due to air quality and excessive heat plus the traffic and insanely high cost of living is sending me out. The only thing that could keep me here is my house which is worth 5x what I paid and I am safe for taxes with our wonderful homestead act. In other words, my taxes are $3400. If I sell at market value the new owner will pay 12-15k. Nowhere in the US is a home owner so protected.

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Crowded? The panhandle of Florida is clean well policed and has lower crime than 90% of the country. I don’t like the heat; however, I grew up in Florida and it has always been hot. It could be the location or the sun. Magic. Maybe I missed the last ice age but the last 50 years Florida has been hot.