Ask anything about Pakistan, If you wanna visit

Ask anything about Pakistan, i am ready to help you.

hy @mufakkir hopefully you will be fine. I wanna ask you about the education system of Pakistan. Have u ever visited the remote Areas of Pakistan? if u did it, you have realized that whats the condition of our literature… Teacher treat them poorly. I am totally mad about at. They are promoting cramming system not even conceptuality. extremely apologies for that but it is the harsh reality of our country. thanks for your precious time. Regard junaid Munawar

Initially child needs a cramming to learn a english alphabet but not all education system is bad in Pakistan but i agree with you in a case of remote areas. Now a days education system is improving because of accessibility of internet. I believe that many problems can be solved including education if we start controlling the population growth of our Pakistan just as China did it.